15 Days

The Hubby came home for his R&R recently and we spent a wonderful fifteen days together. I had no idea what day or time he would finally be home. I just knew that he was scheduled to leave Iraq on the 10th and then he could be anywhere. It drove me absolutely crazy. This military life is forcing me to be more flexible.

My husband didn't call me until he had arrived in Dallas and only gave me two hours to bake him fresh Paleo cookies, sweep and mop the floors, shower, and get dressed. I shaved like a mad woman.

I saw about ten men in uniform come down the stairs until I finally spotted my husband. It was such an incredible moment.

Bella was waiting impatiently at home. I had her locked up in her kennel and told The Hubby to hide somewhere so that she could find him. She went a little crazy when I let her free and the balloon tied on her collar didn't help her calm down at all. As you can see from the video below, she is still having difficulty walking on our floors. Bella immediately went to The Hubby's bag and sniffed it, but she didn't find him.

The baby could hardly contain her excitement when she saw The Hubby come out from his hiding place. My favorite part of the video was when she tried to bite the balloon.

The Hubby had been talking about going to Rudy's BBQ the weeks leading up to his R&R. He claimed that he wanted to go the very day he arrived, even though it was our seven year anniversary (SEVEN YEARS!!). We drove 50 minutes for delicious meat that very afternoon. 

And that was the beginning of the end of our diets...


I loved the video!! I even had to watch it twice. It's wonderful how expressive dogs are--they don't hide their happiness one bit, and why should they! I hope you had a wonderful time with hubby. Hugs to you.