Foot Rub, Please

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Sometimes, I just have the urge to run. I'll put on my sneakers that are slightly too clean considering I've had the same pair for over two years now and put Bella on her leash. And then we run. She zigzags back and forth in front of me and I have to make sure that I don't trip. Bella loves to run at full speed with me and I am always surprised by her intense energy.

It feels amazing for the first thirty seconds or so, but then I begin to feel my legs burning and quickly my lungs begin to burn. I am literally incapable of running a full mile without having to pause every two minutes or so. I have not run a mile since high school, and even then it too me at least fifteen minutes. This is an embarrassment for my husband who used to run marathons.

But I'm trying. Baby steps, right?

Except are my feet supposed to hurt so badly? Is something wrong with my posture? Are my bony feet just not made for this? Do I need better shoes?

Will I ever be able to run fast enough to get away safely when the zombies attack?


chris chang said…
hmmm maybe your shoes? i just learned recently theres a lot of different types of feet/running shoes. over pronating? google pronation....
Spencer said…
id guess shoes too
Kenny said…
Rule #1: Cardio
I'd try some cushioned insoles. I have had problems with plantar fascitis in the past, and Walk Fit insoles have solved the problem for me.
Tessa99999 said…
I have no idea about running. I'm just as useless with it. I keep trying to learn to like it, and it just doesn't happen. As far as avoiding tripping over the pup, I discovered doggy backpacks about a year ago and it is truly a god send. Yea it might seem cruel making your dog tote its stuff (or your water, your keys, your purse junk, etc. You know, whatever is handy.) but they seem to focus so much more on walking/running rather than everything else. Just a suggestion.