I think the house has fleas. I don't think Bella nor the other huge labrador I'm watching has fleas as they are both on flea medication, but I still believe I think the house has fleas. I keep finding itchy, red and inflamed bug bites on my body and they're driving me crazy. The dogs are protected, but what about the human being in this house?!

Anyway, I just had to get that out there. And I just had the urge to do it at this very moment because now I suddenly have wifi connection in my bedroom since The Hubby bought a sparkling MacBook Pro as my birthday gift this year. Thanks, Luv!

It was definitely a huge splurge, but I think he was tired of me having to move my old laptop into the room with the router every single time he tried to Skype with me. Or the fact that it would shut down on its own from overheating. Maybe it was the fact that the battery life was down to fifteen minutes. To think that I can actually install a printer to this laptop (and become crazy coupon lady). Madness! I can't get over how much faster it is!

It's so pretty. Truly magnificent and I am not worthy of it's beauty. Seriously. There's already dog saliva on it and yellow fur on the keyboard. This saddens me greatly. I cannot control the canines. I tried to take some pictures of it in all its sleek glory, but my pictures just don't do it justice. I think I need to set a "no eating around the Mac" rule, although that may be impossible because I am constantly eating.

I'm blogging. In bed. Woah. Maybe I should be sleeping as it is almost 0100. This hopefully means more posts. I know that I've been falling behind. There is so much to tell you. So much I need to express. So many pictures and videos to share with you. 

There. I got it out. I can rest peacefully tonight.

Talk to you tomorrow. Or, rather, later today. Cheers.


Spencer said…
i dont think you even need to install a printer. i just plug in the usb and it prints