More of 15 Days

I'm finally going to finish blogging about The Hubby's R&R from back in June. Let's see if I can even remember all of the details!

We stayed in San Antonio for three nights at a wonderful little hotel called Riverwalk Vista. The first thing The Hubby does when he gets into any hotel room is turn on The History Channel. 

Because our hotel wasn't directly on the Riverwalk, it was much cheaper than the big chain hotels and had great character--hardwood floors, free hot breakfast every morning, and a huge amount of space. It was also much quieter and we still had a great view of the Riverwalk. A staircase leading down to the Riverwalk was only a few feet away.

We didn't have huge plans for that first evening. We went to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to watch a screening of "Roman Holiday". That film is really meant to be seen in a movie theatre. This movie theatre is unique in that you can order overpriced food items and alcohol to be brought to you during the film.

Since our hummus plate was really unsatisfying, The Hubby and I had dinner at The Cove, which is famous for their lamb burgers and organic ingredients. We were somewhat unimpressed with our burgers as well, but it was a very nice environment. There's something charming about eating dinner outdoors on a picnic bench on a warm summer night.

Our second day at San Antonio was reserved for sightseeing and exploring the area. I had planned our trip and written all the addresses down on a sheet of paper, but that was accidentally left behind. We thought we would be covered because the hotel claimed to have a business center with a computer we could use. The computer was so old that we had no idea how to even turn it on! The Hubby had to look through the phonebook after I had given up on it completely.

The Riverwalk is lined with an endless amount of restaurants. It stretches for miles and we were thankful for plenty of shaded areas while walking in the Texas heat. We made reservations for Boudro's and ate on a crowded barge. The barge would go back to the restaurant to pick up dinner and dessert and we would eat on the river to the tune of a tour guide. The food was decent, but you are truly just paying for the experience.

We were seated next to three elderly couples who were all celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and who had all been in each other's weddings. I was so happy for them.

Earlier that day, we also went to The Alamo. Pictures aren't allowed inside so all I have for you is one of us outside and another of The Hubby reading some history and showing off his triceps. 

We also came across some beautiful memorials and were pleased to see that people still come by to drop off flowers and flags.

We ate the most amazing meal at a beautiful restaurant inside the Grand Hyatt Hotel called Achiote. The Hubby and I enjoyed eating lunch there so much that we went back and ate dinner there the next evening. We would have had every single meal there if we had the chance.

They had absolutely spectacular cornbread, something I must try to make on my own one day. (Pictures isn't mind, but I can't find the original link. Sorry!)

On our last day in San Antonio, we went to Sea World. Admission is free for all military and their dependents once a year. I think we would have been disappointed if we had paid to get in ourselves, but since it was free we felt comfortable leaving early.

The big splash from Journey to Atlantis was wonderfully refreshing, but The Hubby wanted to be soaked so he stood in the splash zone. I laughed at him since he was the only adult amongst a bunch of kids.

We watched Azul and One Ocean, but couldn't fully enjoy them after seeing the movie "The Cove" last year. Even though seating is shaded, I was still overheated and made The Hubby go on an emergency run for water ten minutes before a show began after waiting for it to start for thirty minutes. "Now?! You're such a girl."

Sweaty and hungry, we went for lunch at a critically acclaimed pizzeria called Dough. They are famous for their freshly made mozzarella cheese and authentic pizzas. What does it mean if I like Domino's pizza better?

And where was our little baby during all of this? A friend bravely agreed to watch her for us. I had told her that Bella was the laziest dog who just sleeps all day long. Instead, Bella did not sleep one bit during the day and would bark at any noise, including the noise of a phone call. She also woke up every two hours during the night and refused to sleep past 5am. 

My friend also called me saying that Bella had tore off a piece of metal from her kennel and scratched up her nose. Because of this, we tried to leave the hotel a day early, but they would not allow us without losing out on our money. I felt so awful leaving a terrible dog with a friend. Luckily, Bella was much better when she stayed with the same friend when I was in California. 

San Antonio is the perfect place to relax and get plump.