Reusable is Better

I have a thing for reusable bags. I would rather carry items in my arms than use a plastic bag when shopping. I was so proud of my hometown's ban on grocery bags when I was home a month ago, and I wish they would do this all across the country. I typically bag my own groceries in the self checkout lane because I don't like the way the baggers do it at the regular checkout lines.

Today, I decided to let someone else do the work and I came out highly disappointed. 

I only had one reusable bag with me since I lent my other two to a friend (*friend, give them back!!), but I only needed to pick up a few things so I though it would be enough. Instead, I walked away with my reusable bag along with four plastic bags. At least they didn't double bag like they used to.

The baggers are trained to put similar items together, which is convenient when putting groceries away, but very wasteful. I didn't really go for the healthy route on this trip so I'm a little embarrassed to show you what I purchased. 

To prove my point, I packed all of my items into my reusable bag and was able to fit everything neatly without squishing anything.

I love my reusable bags not only because they're environmentally friendly, but simply because they're a wise choice. Because they are sturdier than plastic, each bag can hold more so you can make fewer trips to your car. Many stores give you five cents back for bringing your own shopping bags as well. 

Go reusable!