Take Two

I'm currently watching my friend's huge and spunky black labrador named Guinness. It's hard to get a good photograph of her because she's always on the move. Guinness is not quite two yet, and we all know how labradors are puppies for much longer than other breeds. 

There has been a lot of sweetness between the two of them. Mostly it's Guinness approaching a sleeping Bella and then lying down next to her after she gives up on playing with her.

A lot of each day involves Bella resting comfortably somewhere and then Guinness approaching coyly, trying to instigate a nice wrestle session.

Then they begin a competition to see who can open their mouth wider. It's as if they're trying to fit the other dog's entire head into their mouth.

Madness ensues. The two of them run into the back workout room because it is carpeted and has plenty of space for chasing and tackling. Bella body slams Guinness against the wall and corners the much larger dog. All I hear is heavy panting and banging. Chunks of Guinness' fur is stuck on the walls with dog saliva as adhesive.

Occasionally, Bella will come out to check on me as if to ask, "Can I keep playing?"Both dogs rub against my bare legs, coating them with drool. I go about my day and try to ignore the crazy canines.

This is the accumulation of fur from two labradors on my floors over the course of four and a half days.

It has been a lot more lively in our house. Bella seems to enjoy the extra company, but only to a certain extent. If Guinness tries to bother her when she just wants to rest she snaps at her and does a very aggressive bark. Bella is such a gentle dog around me and other people so I am always stunned when I see this other side from her.

But Guinness doesn't let that grumpy old lady get to her. She never stops trying.


Spencer said…
i realized why some of the finger swipes i told you to try werent working! you have the new mac operating system lion. i just got it though so i should be able to help you out. all of this stuff is really new to me too so i think im on the same page as you now lol. but for starters, you should full screen that toy story by pushing the 2 arrows on the top right.

btw that dog has really nice teeth..