Doggy Parade

Why do I look so sad in this picture?

I was thinking about my best friend Guinness and how some lady came and picked her up. I was locked in my kennel at the time and couldn't even say goodbye!

I thought about how fun it was to play peekaboo behind the couch. Or was it a game of Marco Polo by the way we were barking at each other?

Oh, how lovely it felt to have someone else's tongue clean out my ear!

Mommy said that we would have visitors the very next morning. Their bed was far too small to steal though.

But that didn't stop them from stealing mine!

I guess it's nice to have some peace and quiet in the house again. 

I prefer sleeping on the cool ground anyway.

I look forward to the time when it's just Mommy and me though. I don't like sharing her affection.