Just Keep Swimming

A local public pool opened up for three hours on Saturday morning for canine friends to cool down. It was a wonderful free event, and I was extremely excited for Bella to have another chance to swim again. She is an incredibly strong swimmer and right before we moved, she seemed to actually really start to enjoy being in the water.

But the famous water-loving gene of a labrador suddenly disappeared and I had to lure Bella into the pool. We slowly waded in the shallow end of the pool and she resisted every step. However, Bella typically tries to please me so my commands to "go inside" and "come here" worked nicely. It's nice to know that her love for me overpowers her fear or utter distaste of the water.

The pool was shallow enough for Bella to walk around without having to doggy paddle frantically. We basically just walked circles around the pool and there was rarely any swimming involved on her part. I praised her and was so happy to see Bella being brave.

Despite the pleasantly cool water in the hot Texas heat, Bella would try to climb out every time we neared the edge of the pool.

Thankfully, Bella wasn't as bad as this scared boxer we saw. This dog absolutely refused to swim. Instead, he would stand on his hind legs and hop around. He would also brace himself on anything near him--wall, human, or even another dog! I'm sorry my video is sideways. I tried really hard to correct it, but gave up.

I thought Bella would be excited to see all the other puppies around her, but she really kept to herself and just watched others have all the fun. I like the second picture below of Bella shaking in the water. Is she really trying to shake herself dry while in the pool?

Bella alerted me quite rudely and loudly when it was time to leave. I didn't want to drag or push her into the pool so when she started to refuse to join me, we left to go home. If Bella had enjoyed herself more I would have gladly stayed the entire three hours with her.

At least we got some great pictures together! Next year, I hope to get some of the entire family.

On the downside, I came out of the pool with enormous scratches on my legs. They are now a flattering hue of purple. Surprisingly, Bella barely scratched me. These marks were made by another wild yellow lab who was absolutely terrified of swimming and decided to climb up me for safety. 

Want to see more pictures and video of Bella swimming? Check out this post.


Isn't it maddening when our dogs don't want to do something we know they would love? Two of my close friends have pools, but Cabana doesn't ever go in the one that she's allowed to go in. The other friend doesn't want dog hair in her pool, but Cabana always TRIES to get into that pool, so I have to pull her away from it to keep my friend from being upset.

Your poor leg scratches. They'd be somewhat acceptable if they were from Bella, but from another random dog--not fair!
Min said…
Mimi, the owner of the other dog didn't even apologize or anything either! It was painfully obvious what her dog did, too.