My Dog Ate My Wallet

So Bella didn't literally eat my wallet, although after eating the top of The Hubby's toothbrush and part of a Duraflame log, I'm sure that wouldn't surprise you at all.

Since coming home from my visit to California, we have spent quite a bit of money on Bella girl. My friend has always told me that I should just feed her money.

Here's a list of her expenses since the beginning of August:

Three 17.6 lb. bags of dog food: $186.30
I've saved one bag for emergencies as the company that makes her special food often runs out. Something about a shortage of rabbits? Aren't rabbits supposed to mate like crazy? And to think I used to complain about dog food costing $30 for a 50 lb. bag. 

Vaccinations: $42.95
Did you know that in Texas they require rabies vaccinations every year?

Teeth cleaning: $178.30
I was oddly emotional dropping Bella off for her teeth cleaning yesterday morning. It brought back memories of her knee surgeries years back and I'm sure she was terrified. Her heart was pounding so quickly and I felt terrible. At least her breath no longer reeks!

Antibiotics: $36.12

Treats and rawhides: $10

Neater Feeder: $39.99 from Marshalls
This seems like an exorbitant purchase and I definitely felt crazy for buying it, but this thing is amazing! Bella is a really messy drinker. When she laps up water, she splashes water from both sides of her jowls and also carries some water in her mouth as she walks away. I'm not sure if you can see it from the video below. This led to damage of the baseboards and the floors. I'll have to do a separate review later.

I felt that it was important to talk about the expenses of being a responsible pet owner. With the holidays coming up (I promise it will be here before you even blink!) I just know that there will be puppies galore as Christmas gifts. Many people don't consider the financial aspect of owning a pet, but just skip to the look-how-cute-and-fluffy-my-dog-is phase. Swiping the little plastic card every time was definitely cringeworthy, but I also knew that it was necessary for my dog's wellbeing. 

I also thought I would show you how I give Bella her medications. The Hubby thinks it's hilarious while I'm sure Bella hates it, although I always give her a hypo-allergenic treat afterwards. I am known to say that Bella is too smart for her own good, and this is especially so when it comes to giving her pills. No matter what, she sniffs out medications in whatever food I hide it in. If I give it to her in peanut butter, Bella will lick all around the pill and eat every bit of peanut butter and walk away smugly.

Bella has been on numerous medications in her short lifetime because of all of her medical issues. By now, I have perfected the way I give her her pills and almost always get it down in one try. Even though Bella knows that it's coming, she still comes to me when I call her and sits nicely while I pry open her mouth and jam the pill down her throat. But this isn't enough because she will miraculously push it back up if you just do that. Instead, you must hold her mouth shut and blow on her nose. Rubbing her throat won't do the trick. You must blow on her nose!

The video makes it seem like I am really rough with her, but I promise I'm actually quite gentle. And, as you can see, Bella is unfazed by it and continues to sit there nicely for me. She's already thinking about the sweet potato treat that awaits her. What a good girl!