Is it sad that I literally beg Bella to come on the bed and snuggle with me every night because I'm so lonely? I haven't seen The Hubby since June and it's taking a toll on me. Although I have always wanted to talk to The Hubby daily, it has gotten to the point where I feel like my day is not complete without a Skype session. I long for that oh so familiar Skype call sound.

I hate this about myself because I find it extremely weak, especially when I know I am lucky to be able to hear from him so often compared to friends with husbands in Afghanistan. The good thing is that I don't allow myself to expect a call from him because it would drive me absolutely crazy if I did, like it does with so many other Army wives. I think it's time for him to come home already!

Bella likes to use her bed as a giant pillow.

Getting Bella on the bed never used to be such a task. In fact, she used to jump up without permission in the middle of the night and I would suddenly wake up next to her. Bella has suddenly decided that sleeping on the floor against the bed is more comfortable than sleeping on the bed with a human trying to spoon her. So when I finally do get her up, I leave her alone and give her room. It's just nice to have her warm body next to me, even if I'm not allowed to cuddle with her.

When I ask her "Do you want to come up?" she slowly makes her way around the bed to The Hubby's side of the bed and hops on. Her head immediately rests on the pillow and she pushes her little body against the curve of mine.

The Hubby: Hey, when I come home can you please wash the sheets because there's a bunch of fur on my side of the bed. 

I'm pretty sure there was a mix of profanity in there somewhere.


Cabana is the SAME WAY! She likes her space and doesn't want to be cuddled to close. She likes to be on the bed, but just at the foot, never up by the pillows. And when I want her to sit next to me on the couch, I have to go get her a treat to make her come sit with me. Pathetic! Aren't dogs supposed to want to snuggle with us?!