Got No Swag

Ah, eighth grade. I thought I was on top of the world when I was in the eighth grade. I knew the names of all the teachers, walked the hallways with confidence, and couldn't be bothered by the shenanigans of the younger kids. I remember that year perfectly and look back upon it fondly.

When I saw that there was a middle school language arts teacher in need of a substitute, I signed up immediately. I had a total of three out of nine periods free and even when I had students, I was able to sit at the front desk and read a book. By now, these kids know exactly what is expected out of them. The majority of the students got right into their assignments and worked quietly. I was so incredibly pleased after two very rough days.

I can be honest with them and try to play it cool and confident. I only had issues with one period.

Kids never sit in their assigned seats when there is a substitute. I was really lenient with this as long as they were still able to work quietly and it really wasn't an issue. These three boys, however, were complete pains.

F and A sat next to each other and started to make humming noises in an effort to drive me crazy. They also had the giggles and were just incredibly rude. I gave them a death stare, which really didn't work for much longer than two seconds. I eventually made them both move to other sides of the room. 

But before this, V went over to sit next to them. I asked him to return to his original seat and he made some dumbass excuse about how one side of the room was warmer than the other. After three minutes of arguing back and forth, he was finally caught up in his own lie and took his seat. 

The class was trying to stifle their laughter during this exchange and it actually really hurt my feelings and I could feel myself wanting to cry. I didn't show my moment of weakness, but I was just incredibly frustrated by the utter disrespect from these boys. 

I found myself saying, "You guys are eight graders. Just because I am a substitute does not mean you can walk all over me." Ugh. There went my cool factor. 

At least my next class was a dream and they told me that I seemed like a very nice teacher. 

Things I learned about eighth graders:
1) Boys brush their hair more than girls.
2) Tucking in shirt is still very uncool.
3) Flirting consists of stealing each others' papers and knocking over their books.
4) When they go to the bathroom, they will take their sweet time. 
5) They will fail at trying to hide their cell phones. 
6) They will lie to you without hesitation.
7) It is funny to write on a piece of paper, "Got no swag" and then stick it on their own back.
8) It is absolutely necessary for them to relace their sneakers during class.
9) They need to learn about the benefits of wearing deodorant.
10) The majority of them look like juniors in high school. 
11) A lot of the girls have more womanly figures than I do, and that is really depressing.


Spencer said…
that first post immediately reminded me of hermione and now im surprised i never made the comparison before