Sniffles and Being Uncool

This cold is really kicking my butt, guys. This bout of sickness is not nearly as bad as the snotfest that was back in May, but it has really thrown me for a loop. I'm tired all the time and want to go to bed every day at 8pm. You know how you're supposed to lose your appetite when you're ill? My body reacts in the opposite manner and starts to crave all of the foods that I have denied myself (i.e. pizza, banana nut bread, chocolate, donuts, white rice). How sad would it be if I ordered Domino's Pizza for my lonesome self?

I haven't exercised one bit since Sunday afternoon. If there's one thing I remember from high school biology (other than the horror that is childbirth) it is that if you are not feeling well, your body is asking you to slow down so that it can recover. These past few months have been a huge blur. I am so thankful that I have started working because it keeps me busy and it gives me something else to be responsible for other than remembering to feed Bella three times a day.

The other benefit to working is that I have less time to go shopping out of boredom. Now that I'm actually making money, I spend less time spending it. Oh, the irony! My shopping habits have evolved from craft supplies to things for our house and finally to building up my wardrobe. I have probably two times more clothes than I did this time last year, and yet I still struggle to find something to wear every single day. I'm becoming my mother...

My stuffy nose and exhaustion hasn't stopped me from working though. I don't want to lose my momentum and I want to work as much as possible before The Hubby returns (!!) and I go back to my sit-at-home-and-wait-for-him-to-get-off-work ways. I hope that I can still work a few half days despite still being a one car household.

Even though I am only 23, I find myself saying phrases that make me sound so old and so very uncool. These are the phrases I say almost every day at school that make me cringe as the words come tumbling out of my mouth:

Walk, don't run.
Spit out that gum.
Tuck in your shirt.
Stop fooling around.
Settle down, class.
Pick up your feet.
How do you come to class without a pencil?
Pick up your trash.
Write your name on your paper.
Pull up your pants.

Who am I kidding? I used to say these things (or at least think them) back in middle school. I have always been uncool.


Shirley said…
Feel better Min! Being sick really sucks =(
Tiffany said…
Feel better!! I still remember that horrifying child birth video... front row @_@