Around the House

This post is long overdue. It takes a lot of time and money to fill up an empty house, and we're almost complete. By the time we finish we will probably be moving again. I hope everything fits in our next home! Here are a few pictures of a few of my favorite details around the house. I think it's pretty obvious who does the decorating around here.

The Front Entrance:

Urban Outfitters 2x3 rug. After receiving it, I texted a picture of the rug to my sister and she replied that she had just purchased the exact same thing. This happens more often than normal.

The Living Room

It took a lot of time and energy putting this wall collage together, but I am in love with it. The Hang & Level tool is the best $12 we've ever spent. I purchased many of these prints at the Renegade Craft Fair in May. I bought a cheap voucher for Nan Lawson, thus all the Nan Lawson prints. We used RIBBA frames from Ikea because they were the cheapest option and I appreciate the nice, clean lines.

top row: Bella and Billy as puppies, Nan Lawson's The Boy Who Lived Print, Kate Thomas' Happy Letters, Kate Thomas' Sometimes Said Pooh print
middle row: Kissing the War Goodbye, wedding pictures by Hannah Suh, Nan Lawson's Wild Things Max print
bottom row: Nan Lawson's I Heart California print, Kate Thomas' It's Not What the World Holds print, Paper Pastries' I Left My Heart card, Viva Greetings card, Brainstorm Print + Design print

 We have a sofa table pushed against our back wall. Displayed on this table (from left to right): framed engagement picture, American flag flown in Iraq, shadow boxes (details below), a travel map, and little birdies my sister gave me as a housewarming gift. 

The travel map idea was from Design Sponge. I used a large picture frame for Ikea as a backing and pasted on top of it a cut out of the United States from a roll of cork from Hobby Lobby. The template for the shape of the U.S. did not work so I had to draw it out by hand, which is why Texas looks a bit sketchy. 

In purple are the cities The Hubby and I have visited together since being married and in yellow are the cities we travelled to before marriage. I plan on doing a different color for when we travel after having children. 

I like to collect pressed pennies when I can. I have one from the Nixon Library where we were married, many from Disneyland, and one from the San Diego Zoo. I stole our house key from Georgia and framed it. I will do the same with our house key from this house.

This vase was one of our first purchase for this house. I think it was about $7 from Ross. The candlesticks were a gift from our first dinner guest. Bella is a permanent resident of the living room. She looks upset because she finished her food.

I'm still in love with the pillow covers I made in July. I've since made a second one to complete a pair.

On a shelf above our television sits a print my sister gave us last Christmas and two hand painted wooden pegs we used as cake toppers for our wedding. Aren't they adorable?

The Kitchen

A quote by Julia Childs hangs on a wall in our tiny dining room: "People who love to eat are always the best people." If you do not like to eat, you are not allowed in this house. This is a fact. (The Best People Print by Kate Moore)

My Mickey Mouse timer and labrador salt and peper shakers bring so much joy into my kitchen.

I'm missing pictures from our guest room, bedroom, and craft room. It is so difficult getting good pictures from those rooms because of poor lighting. It's been so gloomy outside that I can't get anything worthy of posting, but hopefully I can share with you soon.


Joana said…
When I find our new place in Colorado I am going to need you to come decorate it. Thanks!
Shirley said…
You are such a great decorator! I love the photo/art collage!
Wow, everything looks so wonderful! So many personal and meaningful touches. My house is extremely generic--you have inspired me to try to spruce it up a bit.