Batman Channeled

My friend, who naively thinks the mask shields his true identity, channeled his inner Batman last night...with the help of a 50% off costume that is. Thanks for the laughs, friend. And boy were the laughs loud and hearty!

Take 1

Take 6 (after blowing his nose)

P.S. I told him that I really wanted to get a Wonder Woman costume this year and he immediately thought of gathering a group of friends and dressing up as the Justice League. I have to say that I did not deny the possible awesomeness of this collaboration (of mostly Asian superheroes).



Spencer said…
lol a guy who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues
Rebecca said…
^ word.. what a weirdo

anyways i call dibs on flash for next year
Spencer said…
Btw was that guy sick? Cause it sounds like he might have been sick. Maybe that's something you should mention. I dunno just saying