Lazy Black Friday

Went to bed at 11pm. Woke up at 3:10am. Drove to Target with T at 3:30am. Absolutely astonished to find a somewhat empty store with still loads of big ticket items left over from the midnight rush. High fived myself for picking a good time to go to the store.

Came out with our usual "Weeds" DVD sets for $7.99, a flannel shirt I've been eyeing for years, and a crockpot for $19. Good finds? Yes. Worthy of waking up at 3am? Most definitely not. Especially since the crockpot has very mixed reviews and I'm thinking of returning it already. At least T was able to find a great peacoat for $25 at Old Navy and I actually had a pretty great time.

Me with my finds and a very empty store. My eyes ARE open, btw, T!!

Toy Story wrapping paper. Awesome.

Justin Bieber wrapping paper. UNACCEPTABLE.

P.S. I found a great tutorial on how to keep your bangs out of your face while working out (or when you wake up at 3am and find that your hair is just out of control). No braiding necessary, which is perfect for me. When I put my bangs up I felt like I had brand new vision.


T said…
I knew they were open! I'm blind and was looking at a tiny screen trying to figure out if I even took the dang picture lol