Broom Spatula

Sister: There was a lizard in our bathroom so Mom killed it with Raid! 
Me: Eww! And she picked it up, too? 
Sister: No, she used that broom spatula thing.
Me: you mean a dustpan?
Sister: Yeah. A dustpan. I don't know what it's called. It's not like I ever use one.
Me: I'm blogging about this!

Just a warning to my sister's future husband that she does not have the best cleaning abilities. I was always the Martha Stewart out of the two of us, but she's better at just about everything else. At least I win in the chest area.

I grew up in a household of females. My grandmother is definitely the toughest of the bunch. However, she stopped babying us once we hit middle school and refused to get rid of any large spiders or the random geckos that would venture into our house during the summer.

My sister and I decided the best way to deal with such creepy crawlies was to cover them up with shoe box lids or overturned cups. And then we left them to be disposed of by whichever unfortunate male friend who happened to come by next.

Once, we had a lizard trapped under a box for so long before a boy came by that it completely dried up. "Oh, that must be the lizard I sprayed with Raid last week," my mother exclaimed.

Apparently, Raid is the best way to kill any unwanted creature in your household.


Spencer said…
i don't really know what a spatula is off the top of my head. imagine how sad that conversation would've been if it had been between me and debbie hahaha