The Chocolate One?

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Conversation I had with my BFF recently:

Me: I'm eating Special K cereal right now.
BFF: The chocolate one?
Me: What else?

I'm a sucker for healthful foods camouflaged with chocolate. How am I just realizing this now? These are the food items that I have been living off of for the past week or so. Unsalted almonds, soy chai tea lattes and fruit sometimes get into the mix as well. I hate cooking because I despise doing dishes, so much so that last night I ate frozen waffles instead of oatmeal because I ran out of clean bowls.

I used to be so satisfied with giant organic romaine lettuce salads with chicken, raspberry vinaigrette, sliced almonds and corn. The thought of eating another one is sickening. The Hubby claims that he wants to do a lot of the cooking when he returns. I'm pretty excited to stop eating like a poor/lazy college student.