Happy Birthday, Bella Girl!

It's Bella's fifth birthday! We got her a new stuffed animal to play with, even though she doesn't like to play. It's more for the parents' entertainment, anyhow.

Bella is quite the cuddle bug though.

Her grandma bought her a bag of bones to snack on. She loves food!

I guess it's a little cruel to tease her on her birthday.

We also cut up a giant apple and let her eat it all on her own. She was ecstatic.

Five things The Hubby loves about Bella Face:

  1. She always loves to cuddle.
  2. Her paws smell like Fritos.
  3. She likes to sleep.
  4. She always greets me when I come home.
  5. She's a companion to my love (The Hubby's words, not mine).
Happy Birthday, sweet Bella Girl. Our lives would be a lot less happy (and furry) without you.


Happy birthday, Bella! Wow, a whole apple! Cabana would love that. She looks so cute with that stuffed rabbit. At least she doesn't rip it to shreds.
Shirley said…
Happy Birthday to Bella <3
Shirley said…
Happy Birthday to Bella <3