The Hubby came home on a blustery December morning. Along with hundreds of other family members, I waited in the rain on the bleachers in a bright red jacket. I wanted him to be able to find me easily.

I was all smiles.

After the Soldiers were released, I stood my ground and waited impatiently for The Hubby to find his way back to me. I told him exactly where I would be waiting for him a week ago. I spotted him first and saw him taking what seemed to me to be a leisurely stroll. "Why is he walking?" I shouted.

But then he spotted me and began to run towards his wife.

We embraced.

We kissed.

We were beyond joyous. 

And we were ready to live our lives together once again.

Photography by our amazing friend, B. Marq Photography.

August 2011
December 2011


Shirley said…
Those are beautiful pictures! They really captured the reunion.