The Human Ladder

Yesterday morning, I listened to The Hubby and Bella take turns snoring loudly. The Hubby rarely snores. Bella and I are the big snorers in this family, but he was especially tired after a rough night. Keep watching the video and you can see The Hubby's unusually loud snore waking up Bella.

Our bedroom's smoke detector was beeping at four in the morning and alerting us that it was in need of a new battery. The Hubby and I tried to sleep through it, but Bella sat next to my side of the bed and stared at me. I told her to go back to her bed, which usually works, but instead she just sat there and began staring at the wall. This was really unusual behavior for her.

Out of the blue, Bella climbed on our bed and got right in between us. Every time the alarm beeped she would try to burrow her head further. We think the noise hurt her sensitive ears. 

We couldn't sleep with all of this movement and noise so we picked up and moved to the guest bedroom. The things we do for our daughter.

The Hubby and I have a tiny car so we have never been able to transport a ladder to our house from Home Depot. We've been changing batteries and light bulbs Cirque du Soleil style.

Teamwork, baby.


Shirley said…
Freakin' hilarious!