Our Trip to San Fran (Day 4)

Day 4

The skies cleared and the sun finally made an appearance on our last day in SF.

We fell completely head over heels with the Palace of Fine Arts and its gorgeous neighborhood.

We took our time through the Exploratorium, a hands-on learning museum.
The Hubby drank out of a toilet water fountain (he says the tinkling sound was the worst part of it).

Just a short walk away from the Exploratorium was a dog beach with a fabulous view.
How wonderful would it be to live here?

My favorite picture from the strip is the second one down.

A bus took us to quaint Japantown, where we picked up Asian snacks and knickknacks for only $1.50 each at the amazing store Daiso.

After a heavy Indian food meal, we took a quick nap to prepare us for the NYE party at our hotel.
The Hubby and I were definitely the youngest couple there. Older people know how to have a ball.
Our three-course meal was absolutely delicious and I was thankful for my Spanx. 
My mother's text after I sent her a picture of us made us laugh. 
A photographer took a great picture of us by the Tribute Memorial Wall, but we are too cheap to pay $10 for a 4x6 picture.

We were seated with four other couples, but our favorite had to be Walter and Irene.
Walter is a WWII veteran and the two of them have been married for 62 years.
They danced more than we did.