Food Coma

There has been too much food talk on this blog lately. How about some Bella love instead?

I made Bella a new bed using two standard size pillows as an insert. It took me about five hours to make even though it was a simple project. I'm not that great at sewing. There's also a detachable pillow (not pictured). Bella actually knows how to use pillows. Proof of this at the end of this post. 

The cover is removable because it's basically a giant envelope back pillow case. I used some sturdy Ikea fabric purchased many months ago. Removable covers are absolutely essential since Bella has a tendency to throw up her meals right on her bed. 

Bella likes her new bed, but she likes ours better. This is proven by the fact that she tries to sneak up at least three times a night. She knows that we are too drowsy at 0400 to kick her off. 

Her father is a sucker for that cute face of hers. He doesn't mind sharing his pillow, either. 

P.S. I didn't follow a tutorial for this project, but these may be helpful if you would like to make your own cheap dog bed using pillows: Pinch of Zest's tutorial for a DIY Dog Bed and Seakettle's tutorial for the Easiest Envelope Pillow.