Saturday Mornings

We love the Downtown Austin Farmers Market. In the middle of the city is a green park with vendors set up to sell fresh produce and tasty food items, all focusing on sustainable food. We adore the Farmers Market so much that we have made the hour trip two Saturday mornings in a row. 

This past Saturday, we brought Bella along. We decided to take her for a walk by the lake beforehand in hopes of releasing some extra energy so that we could eat peacefully. Although it was a tad chilly, it was a beautiful day for a stroll. The three of us stumbled upon an off-leash zone by the water where we were surrounded by dozens of happy pups. It made us wish we lived in Austin.

Instead of buying kale or fresh honey, we ate lots of yummy food.

1. The Gardener's Feast's organic and lard free pork pastor tamale. So delicious that I had it both times. ($2.50)
2. Blackberry almond shortbread bars from Cake and Spoon, our favorite vendor. ($3.50)
3. Happy Vegan Baker's oatmeal "sammiches" for The Hubby. ($3?)
4. Wood fire oven cooked Godfather pizza by Bola Pizza with smoked mozzarella, fennel sausage, caramelized onions and tomato sauce ($12)
5. The most amazing apple walnut cake by Cake and Spoon. As I was buckling up in the car, I heard The Hubby chortling. I turned over and saw him nibbling at the cake with his mouth with one hand holding the cake and the other holding his cup of coffee. The cake is so good that you don't want to wait for a fork. ($6, worth every penny)
6. Dai Due's biscuit, breakfast sausage and gravy. Smelled great, but we weren't huge fans. ($7)
7. Another hit from Cake and Spoon--chocolate hazelnut tart. ($5)
8. Vendors' tents at Republic Square Park.

I especially love the multiple Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and Compost) centers they have around the park. Bella couldn't care less though. She just wanted a taste of some gravy.


chris said…
...........and the kayaking part?!?!?!?!