Accept Job?

I haven't been working very often lately. Although we are now a two-car family, I have actually been working less than I thought I would. I can't remember the last time I had a good work day. It's been a long time since I shared my work horror stories. Each of these things run through my head before I click the "accept job" button when I search for a position every day. It's no wonder that I always hesitate in signing up to be a substitute.

Things I've been asked or told recently. (What's sad is that they legitimately think these questions or statements are acceptable or true. They're not just trying to be funny.):

Do you know kung fu?
You don't know Spanish! You're Chinese!
I'm going to call you Ms. Yao Ming because I forgot your name.
Are you good at math?
I wouldn't mess with a Chinese dude. They're BORN knowing kung fu. (This is right after I gave a 10 minute lecture on stereotyping and racism.)
I grew up thinking that Asian people could fly because of the movies.
Me and Mr. L. have an understanding. He said that if I just show up for class he'll give me an A. 

Sixth grade boy humor:

An example of an argument with a student:

Me: You're being extremely rude right now.
Her: Why? I ain't saying nothin'.
Me: You were talking and I asked you not to.
Her: I WAS talking.
Me: So you just admitted that you were talking, then?

A teacher's warning:

Thank you for subbing for me today. My afternoon classes can be talkative, rude, and obnoxious.

Stupid and disrespectful actions by high school students:

1) A student was called to the Assistant Principal's office. I wrote her a pass and she left promptly. I received a phone call from the office half an hour later asking if I sent the student. Apparently, she never made it to the AP office.

2) I took attendance for a class five minutes before the bell was scheduled to ring. As soon as I read off some names, the students got up and walked out of the classroom. Because the remaining students didn't want to snitch on their friends, I took attendance one more time and was able to figure out the names of the three students who left early.

3) Students were to take a quiz on Newton and were allowed to use their own notes. I caught two students Googling answers on their phones. Instead of taking away their quizzes immediately, I just wrote their names down for the teacher because I was legitimately worried that I would get shanked in the parking lot.

4) Girl made "chink" eyes and stopped right as I walked past her.

My work conditions. Can you spot the dirty spoon?:

Being a substitute has been a wonderful way for me to help with our bills and I'm appreciative of its flexibility. I really need to gather enough courage and strength to get back into it so that I can finish the school year on a high note.

I'm legitimately not feeling 100% today so I took the day off. Let's hope I don't deal with too much foolishness the rest of the week.


caitlin said…
I dont know how you do it :) I myself couldn't deal with it. I esp can't believe some of the Asian questions..... I live in Hawaii where everyone is mixed, so people aren't so ignorant about race
Spencer said…
after reading this post i thought back on all my subs from los molinos and you seem so old now (i guess that should be "we" hahah).
Kenny said…
To be fair, sixth grade boy humor doesn't differ all to much from Debbie's. Or mine.