Let's Make: A Recipe Binder

My sister put together a guest book for my bridal shower years back where she asked guests to share their favorite recipes with me. It's actually a leather photo album turned into a beautiful keepsake. 

She included some helpful baking and cooking tips and a copy of my beautiful bridal shower invitation. Dispersed through the pages are quotes about food pasted on pretty card stock from my large stash. 

Guests wrote me little love notes. This is the one from my mom. I think it's very endearing.

I think it's pretty neat that I have The Hubby's favorite macaroni and cheese recipe from his Nana.

Recently, I've been updating the recipe binder to include all the recipes that I have tested and loved, dishes that I have yet to try, and removed things that The Hubby will never eat due to his diet. 

I've split the binder into several categories: breakfast, appetizers, sides, chicken, beef, pork, seafood, noodles & pastas, Chinese, Mexican, cookies & bars, cakes, frostings & icings, candies, brownies, breads, other desserts. 

If you've been following my blog, you may have already assumed that the dessert section is the largest. I've allocated more pages for more popular categories such as chicken dishes and cookies. 

I also included techniques I've found in magazines. I may bake a soufflé one day. You never know.

I have written some recipes on adorable recipe cards. You can print out your own here

Sometimes, I pull them straight out of magazines and fold them to fit in the slots. 

Bon Appetit Magazine has the most gorgeous pictures of food.

Most of my recipes are written on index cards embellished with stickers. Our printer is awful so cute printable recipe cards are out of the question. 

It's okay, though. I'm a messy cook so the cards just get ruined anyway. Little star stickers signify tried and true recipes. 

I strongly recommend that you get started on your own recipe binder. It's so easy to pull the card out of the binder and follow it instead of lugging your laptop around or worrying about spilling on a book. 

The talented women at Prudent Baby have a wonderful recipe binder tutorial as well. They have free printables, too!


Julian said…
Do you ever spell one word wrong and have to write the entire card over again because having the little scribble on the card would kill the look? hahaha :D
Min said…
All the time, Julian. All the time.
mayan said…
i love the idea of getting your friends' favorite handwritten recipes! i remember rachael ray had this '30 minute meals' episode dedicated to her dog, boo, who passed away, and she was saying that when she misses someone, she likes to make the food they liked to eat because it comforts her. her dog liked butternut squash... she was all choked up during this episode, too. i mean... i'm kind of choked up right now remembering it! ha.