Shiloh Pups

We are a two-dog family this weekend. Shiloh is a five-year old American Bulldog. She belongs to The Hubby's boss. 

She's a bit like the Company's mascot since she goes to work with the Commander everyday and just sits quietly in his office. The Hubby has developed a strong relationship with her and she is very attached to him. 

Bella was not very welcoming at the beginning and growled at her a few times. She's not a fan of larger dogs for some reason. Fortunately, I have not had to break up any fights. They just sort of tolerate each other, although Bella shows signs of wanting to play and Shiloh just ignores her.

Although Shiloh has shorter legs than Bella, she is much larger. Doesn't Bella look so puny in comparison?

I tried to use my hand on their backs so you could see the difference. Now that I see the picture I realize that using my hand as a scale is pretty much useless.

But what about using my entire body? Can you see how um..thick she is? It's okay, Shiloh. You're just big boned. Bella decided to get into the picture at the last minute.

We all cuddled on the bed together for a bit. The dogs definitely took over.

The Hubby has quickly fallen in love with Shiloh. I think it's because he's not used to having a dog in the house more attached to him than to me. 


Our foster Francie was an American bulldog. They are a rather stout breed, even if we can't tell by your hand scale. It's awesome that Bella wants to play with Shiloh!
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