The Hubby and I like to take advantage of our weekends. We can forget about his alarm sounding at 0445 every morning, I don't have to deal with pesky kids, and the two of us even stay up past 10pm. Woah, there! Here is what we've been up to lately.

Beer brewery tour at Thirsty Planet Brewing Company in Austin on St. Patty's Day. Lots of cheap beer meant that I drove our new Subaru SUV for the first time.  

"Office Space" quote-a-long at the Alamo Drafthouse. Flair, staplers, and printer scene reenactment included.
KGSR Live morning show at W Austin during SWSW where we saw Ingrid Michaelson and Jack Black.
Bella playing with The Hubby's birthday balloons.

Our five hour drive to Lawton, OK for a friend's wedding. 
Bug guts splattered our car. Yes, that's a ladybug.
Stopped at a random BBQ joint called Hard Eight where they served food straight from the smoker.

Lunch stop at Mineral Wells, TX. Admired the creepiness of abandoned Baker Hotel.

The Hubby's first time being a groomsman. Did you know it's super awkward being a groomsman's wife?

A new rug and coffee table for our living room. Bella threw up on the rug the very next day.
Easter egg filling for our Company party.
Dirty dishes stacked up in our sink. Our sink is rarely empty.
Lemon meringue pie from a box. I ate about 90% of it.

Indulged in Top Chef Paul Qui's Uchiko's Sake Social. We ordered one of everything.
The ham and eggs sushi roll was phenomenal and we were amazed by how good brussels sprouts could taste. 

I, naturally, admired the beautiful paper goods and kicked myself for not bringing my camera.

Bella makes room for herself on the couch.
Enjoyed a vegan Oreo ice cream shake at Sweet Ritual.

Saturday morning Farmers Market where we enjoyed breakfast tacos, tamales, ginger scones, and natural frozen pops to cool down.  
As we were driving, The Hubby peeked in his rearview mirror and saw Bella in the back staring at us quietly. What a weirdo.

Auditorium Shores holds our favorite off-leash dog park. Bella refused to go in the water (of course).


chris said…
details...details...where are the details!?!??

btw new car?