Doggies Galore

We had FOUR DOGS in our house on Friday. FOUR! Martin and Lola's parents were going to Six Flags so we watched them for the day. I received a text later in the afternoon from The Hubby asking if we could watch Shiloh for a couple of days. I agreed because Martin and Lola were not staying the night and we absolutely adore Shiloh. 

Waiting for The Hubby to drop some food.

All of these dogs are furniture-loving pups so it was interesting sharing the couch with them while watching "Grey's Anatomy." Bella, ever faithful, was by my side while Lola found her place on my lap. Shiloh sat next to her favorite person, The Hubby.

Martin stayed on the floor next to my legs. We were surrounded by so much furry love! 

The Hubby was dying to take a nap as he worked from 6am Thursday morning to 3pm Friday afternoon with zero sleep. As soon as he hit the bed, he fell asleep. He didn't care that the four dogs neglected to leave me any room for me to sleep, too.

I texted a picture of this madness to my sister asking her where I could fit and she sent me this drawing. Apparently, I was supposed to curl up like a dog as well. Bella knew exactly where she belonged.

After som readjusting, I found myself at the edge of the bed with Shiloh and Bella against each other, Lola on The Hubby's pillow, and Martin at the bottom by our feet.

Bella overcame any hesitations she had with Shiloh and didn't mind sleeping right next to her this time around. Can we please please get another dog?

The next morning, I woke up at 0640 to let the dogs out. I went to the bathroom literally for two minutes and found the two brats on the bed sleeping without me. The Hubby had no clue.


Shirley said…
These pics are so cute! =)