Houdini the Shark

Bella got a new cage. Shiloh's owner had no need for it anymore so he graciously gave it to us after seeing how beat up her old kennel was. It's quite spacious, made of sturdy metal, and collapsable. We keep it in The Hubby's work out room turned Bella's prison cell. 

Despite the much better digs, she still hates it. She already learned how to break out, which resulted in lots of red vomit from an overdose on dog treats we were planning on donating to the local animal shelter. The Hubby was the one who found our Houdini destroying our house. 

He picked up all the raw hides she took out of her box and said that each one of them (probably about 15 pieces) had bite marks on them, indicating that she was in a confused state and couldn't decide on which one she wanted to gnaw on. 

Why do dogs insist on puking on carpets or rugs instead of nice, easy to clean hardwood floors? Our steam carpet cleaner was worth every penny. As you can see, she doesn't bother chewing her food.

So after that disgusting mishap, we started padlocking every corner of the cage, later replacing the bulky things with zip ties. "It's like freaking Hannibal Lecter!"Bella was still able to find something to ruin though. 

I had purchased some foam to line the bottom of the cage with since it didn't come with a mat. Stupidly, I placed it on top of her cage in order to see if the sizing was correct and left it there, thinking that she wouldn't be interested in it. I found the foam torn to pieces and left on the ground next to her cage. I have no clue how she managed to do that.

What a punk! Doesn't it look like a shark took a huge chunk out of it? Her bed will just have to do.

A dog trainer told us that this type of cage would help with Bella's separation anxiety, but I haven't really seen a difference in her behavior. At least it will keep her contained (for now).