Let's Make: Pretty Blog Pictures!

An awesome reader commented on my craft room post asking me how I add my tape captions on my blog pictures. It's actually really easy! I used to embellish my blog pictures all the time during my pre-MacBook days when I still had my PowerPoint program. I'm too cheap to purchase the real Microsoft Office program since I'm out of school and use Open Office instead. Unfortunately, I can't quite figure out how to use that program as efficiently. 

Luckily for me (and now you), PicMonkey is up and running and kicks Picnik's booty in ways to customize pictures. One of the best functions is the ability to add your own overlays. Plus, they just put up their collage function. Score! 

Ready to make your own pretty blog pictures? Let's do this!

Step 1: Download free tape strips from Pugly Pixel.
Katrina is so generous with her downloads that include clip arts, textures, blog layouts, and more. She also has awesome tutorials and is crazy talented and creative. I've used her scallop and starburst medallions and paper buffet before.

Save your tape strips to a spot you'll remember. I have a folder just for my blog.

Pugly Pixel Free Tape Strips

Step 2: Head to PicMonkey and upload your picture. Then click on "Overlays" and add your own.
In the picture below, I've already edited it and rounded my corners. I'll then upload the tape strip that I want for my caption.

Step 3: Size your overlay and place it where you think looks best.

Step 4: Add your caption.

Step 5: Save your picture. Admire your awesomeness.

You can also play around with collages or make your own layout by using this tutorial from Something Swanky like I did here.

If you ever have any questions for me, please let me know! And if you find my tutorial handy, I would love to see what you've done. Happy blogging!

P.S. Click here for a tutorial on how to make custom gift tags.


Omigosh, Min! Thank you so much for the thoughtful tutorial! I just downloaded all the tapes and will look forward to tagging all of my future pictures (:
Min said…
You're so welcome! Let me know if you have any problems.