On Why I Quit My Job (Part 1)

Kids---I just finished watching the season finale of "HIMYM" today so I feel the strong need to start my very long post this way.

Kids, you may come across a point in your life when you realize that you are unhappy with something and that you need to make immediate changes for the better. It may be an unhealthy relationship, your love handles that are just getting wider, or something as simple as your hair. For me, it was my job.

I began working last September as a way to help our household financially while my husband was deployed. I consider myself to be an independent person and I hated relying on someone else, even though that is part of what marriage is all about. The Hubby has never made me feel guilty about purchasing new shoes or yet another shade of pink nail polish, but I still felt terrible for spending his hard-earned money. I absolutely loved getting my own paychecks every month. It just felt good.

And that little happy feeling I would get from seeing a direct deposit from the school district made me forget all the bad things that I suffered through in order to get that paycheck. I've shared my horror stories often and I rarely have anything positive to say about being a substitute teacher.

Idiotic kids walk out of my classroom before the bell rings. Some refuse to turn off their music. Most throw away their handouts instead of working on them. Others ask to go to the clinic and ditch school instead of actually seeing the nurse. There are limited chances for substitutes to write referrals so I take great pleasure in writing these ditchers up for their stupidity.

Basically, I'm treated like crap every single day I show up for work. I do get a few good students who reply, "You too" when I tell them to have a great day at the end of the period. I smile when they actually remember to thank me if I hand them something. I'm especially grateful for the students who reassure me that the "bad kids" are like that every day and not just because I'm a pushover, although I find this incredibly unfortunate.

Today, I reached my breaking point. I wish I had some outrageous story where I had to knock out a student in self defense or something like that, but my story is rather boring. It would have been so pleasurable to do something like this video (thanks, Kenny!). Instead, I thanked the front office person for always being so pleasant every morning and wished her all the best.

As you know already, one of my biggest frustrations is being singled out for my ethnicity. I was once called "Mrs. Yao-Ming"and have been "Konichiwa"'d up the wazoo. Today, I was told that I didn't allow a student to leave to use the restroom fifteen minutes before the bell was scheduled to ring because I'm Asian.

You might remember that someone else used this same reasoning over my no gum policy (which I gave up months ago, by the way). I was less brave back then and the girl had mumbled her stupid words so I doubted her ignorance. I heard this student from my very last class of the afternoon loud and clear, though.

The teacher specifically told me not to allow anyone in seventh period to leave for any reason because they have the tendency to wander and ditch. So when a girl asked me to use the restroom because she started her cycle I told her she could wait fifteen minutes. I'm a woman. I know that a tampon can hold for a little while longer.

Her friend, Crystal, remarked, "It's because she's Asian" and it hit me deep down. Her words made me literally shake with anger, which made me want to cry. I was able to control my emotions enough to confront her about it a few minutes later.


Spencer said…
im glad you quit because that clearly wasnt worth the stress. i hope something you really love to do comes along :)

p.s. that video is great. i want to do that, but to customers instead hahaha