Last Weekend

The Hubby and I were invited to attend a concert on Saturday at The Parish where we saw Kina Grannis. We had never heard of the band Walk the Moon before, but at only $12 a ticket we couldn't resist. 

The boys put on such a fantastic show. We loved singing and dancing along with them, especially since  it was so obvious that they loved performing and relished every moment on the stage.  

As an anniversary present for The Hubby, I surprised him with sold out tickets to see The Head and the Heart at Stubb's BBQ on Sunday evening. For dinner, we went to Whole Foods and picked out some goodies. I know it seems silly to go to a grocery store for dinner when Austin is so full of amazing restaurants, but they really do serve quality fresh foods at reasonable prices.

I don't know how I managed to miss the artisan cookie bar the first time we went. I wanted one of each cookie! They have the most amazing prepared foods and desserts displayed. It was hard to decide on what to eat. I chose some sushi with a vegan chocolate parfait as dessert while The Hubby made his own salad at the salad bar. 

The doors at Stubb's opened at 6:30pm. When we arrived at 6, the line was already around the block. By the time The Head and the Heart actually came on stage, we had already been waiting for three hours in just under 100 degree Texas heat. The venue was far too crowded and most likely a fire hazard. It smelled of sweat, cigarettes, alcohol and weed. None of that mattered though when The Head and the Heart started to sing.

I was worried that The Hubby would regret attending a concert the night before he had to wake up at 0445 to go to work, but when I saw his face during the performance I knew that I had just given him the best anniversary present.

We are finally taking advantage of this awesome town for more than its food. And what did my husband gift me for our anniversary? You'll just have to wait to find out!