Last Weekend

The Hubby had Friday off so we headed down to Austin to eat dinner at Haddingtons American Tavern. We had been gifted a generous $50 certificate as a thank you for dog watching a few weeks ago so we were able to splurge a little. After sipping on a happy hour cocktail called Affinity, we munched on a great mini duck meatloaf that was accompanied by cherry barbecue sauce and a pistachio pesto.  

I ordered the red fish because seafood is something that I cannot manage to cook properly while The Hubby ordered a delicious pork loin. His meal was definitely a lot tastier and I was extremely jealous. The both of us fell in love with this restaurant and would love to go back.

After our fantastic dinner, we walked next door to Walton's Fancy and Staple for dessert. Sandra Bullock owns this restaurant along with Bess Bistro. Their lemon tarts and giant chocolate chunk cookies taste so fresh and you could definitely tell that they use quality ingredients.

On Saturday morning, we dropped Bella off with some friends and headed over to San Antonio for the second time with one of our favorite couples. We missed her the entire weekend.

The girls stayed sober while the boys had a total of seven margaritas, two had beers inverted into them. They took full advantage of boozy San Antonio.

Our favorite restaurant from our last trip had been on my mind since last June so we revisited once again. Table side made guacamole and spicy cornbread? I'm there!

After a great night's sleep at the Marriott Rivercenter, we went to New Braunfels to go river tubing. I had purchased a Groupon for four tubes, a tube for coolers, and unlimited bus rides at Chuck's Tubes. Their customer service was really wonderful and I would go back to them again if we have the chance to return. 

We floated down the Comal River for over three hours under the scorching Texas sun. Thankfully, the cool river kept us comfortable the entire time and an entire can of sunscreen prevented major burns. My favorite part of the whole thing was being shot out of a chute into some rapids and being spun around violently. I guess I just like adding as much excitement in my life as possible.

Everything we had was completely soaked by the end of the float and the boys lost their shirts to the river. That's probably a sign of a good time.