On Repeat: Walk the Moon

We just came home from watching Walk the Moon in concert and although we're more than a little exhausted and have headaches, we had such an amazing time. They were fantastic live with so much energy and passion.

I think we just saw a band for $12 a piece before hitting it big. What a treat!


Brittany said…
yes! so glad you love this band. I love turning people on to them because they are phenomenal. Perfect timing to discover them too - new album coming 6/19!! Youll get a kick out of some of these webisodes of the band touring/performing/being perfect. http://bit.ly/KISLEz
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to hear this full length next week. They've been around so long and putting on high energy shows, it will just be sweet to finally see them have a major album release. ..And those webisodes are great! Really funny dudes.