CA Day 2: Umami, a Wet Dog, and a Potluck

One of my favorite blogs, Oh, Hello Friend, did a feature on exploring Orange County. I have never gone to Costa Mesa other than to shop at the massive mall. Hubby and I ventured to The Camp, which features small shops that support the local community.

For lunch, we ate at yet another overrated LA restaurant, Umami Burger. I ordered the classic Umami burger for $11 and I disliked it so much that I didn't even finish the entire burger, even though it was ELEVEN DOLLARS. In fact, I thought so little of this burger that I left it on my plate and didn't even think of offering the rest to The Hubby. The waiter looked a little shocked when I asked him to take it away. I had to beg my husband for forgiveness for wasting such an expensive burger.

Later, we went to the OC Mart Mix and had some fabulous organic sorbet and gelato from N'ice Cream. The girl who helped us let me sample four different flavors before I settled on the berry sorbet and gave me a very generous serving. The Hubby wasn't a huge fan of his salted caramel and chocolate gelato scoops, but agreed that my sorbet was the best we've ever had. 

My sweet grandmother loves to learn new skills. She asked me to teach her how to make cookies so we made some delectable lemon crinkle cookies together. The rest of my family does not enjoy the art of baking as much as we do so she relies on me to translate recipes into Chinese for her.

The weather was perfect for swimming so we put Bella in the back of our car and took her to Hubby's mom's house. We weren't sure if Bella would be willing to go into the water without me as bait, but she became extremely comfortable in the water with Hubby and had a great time. I have tons more pictures and videos so I will leave that for a separate post.

A few close hometown friends came over for a potluck that evening where I served some great slow cooker pulled pork sandwiches. Others brought organic salad, fresh fruit (CA has the best strawberries), homemade ceviche, baked goods from Panera and individual bottled sodas. We had a wonderful meal and I regret not taking more pictures.


Julian said…
NOOOO! Umami is delicious! Next time, go to the one in Los Feliz. It sucks that they're all different but I promise the one in Los Feliz is absolutely amaaaazing.