Furry Friday

Bella is fairly playful with other dogs, but not all dogs want to play with her. I think it's the single child syndrome and the fact that we didn't socialize her very much when she was younger. She and Riley seemed to click immediately and they loved to run around together.

Riley is so quick that she was running circles around poor Bella, who is almost five years older and has rickety old bones. They spent every morning playing with each other for at least twenty minutes.

My niece is so quick that if she ever got loose I doubt anyone would be able to catch her. Riley is just a big blur of white fluff when she is on the run.

Sometimes, Riley would lay down long enough to let Bella get a good sniff. Doggy kisses are so sweet.

Quiet moments don't last long with these two when they are outdoors. I am so thankful for Bella's short fur that remains relatively clean even after boisterous romps in the dirt.

I love that the two of them are just about the same color. Aren't they adorable in their matching bandanas? They're truly family.

My goodness! How did this adorable dog ever end up in the animal shelter? Could you ever give up that cute button nose and pink tongue?


I love the last photo of Riley! Dogs playing, I never get tired of watching them. So glad Bella enjoyed playing with Riley so much.
Patty said…
Oh my goodness such cute dogs! Great pictures!