On the Road (Day 2)

We started the morning bright and early in Tucson, Arizona. Our one night hotel stays in random cities are always restless. Bella is extra alert in new environments, which makes her move around all night long in order to check out any foreign noises. By the time the sun rises, we're more than ready to just get going and reach our final destination.

0525: We're awake!

0536: Hubby takes Bella outside. Upon her return, she waits by the bathroom door for me to finish getting ready

0733: A free Paleo breakfast

0750: After checking out, we head back to the car for Bella's breakfast. On the road again

0834: Boredom strikes. I tell Hubby I want to see how long a gummy Cola candy will stick to his lip. Only one minute because he ate it 

1158: California, we missed you!

1159: Bella doesn't care

1340: Pass Palm Springs

1433: We reach our first destination of the day and meet up with Hubby's dad, stepmom, and little brothers

1500: Let's swim!

1530: Still swimming

1600: More sibling antics

1614: I admire Billy's handsome face

1640: Last hugs before we head to my family's house for dinner

1730: Arrive at my family's house to find my grandma showing off her new quilt for Bella

1750: Bella is unsure about how she feels about her new cousin, Riley

1751: After a few sniffs, they determine that they love each other

1825: Korean BBQ is cooked and consumed quickly 

2040: Hubby decides to make the most out of CA by going night swimming by himself in his family's backyard


Hoooraay! Bella and Riley got to meet each other. How fun--and I love their matching bandanas. Your grandma is so nice to make Bella a quilt. Enjoy your family visits!!