Bella, The Lake Dog

The highlight of our weekend was taking Bella to Auditorium Shores in Austin. It's our absolute favorite dog park and Bella does so well there. She's never had any problems with other dogs like she has at the two other dog parks we've taken her to. It takes us one and a half hours to drive there and we always leave filthy, but it is so worth it.

Bella does not do well with dogs bigger than she is. When we took her to a different dog park a few weeks ago, Bella snapped and went after another dog violently. She not only growled and bared her teeth, but she actually chased this dog, looking like she wanted to rip his throat out. This dog was happy-go-lucky in nature and thought she was playing so he didn't mind at all. Luckily, Bella was too slow to get ahold of him. 

We put Bella on her leash and let her chill out for a bit. Later, the same dog ran over and wanted to "play" again and Bella showed aggression once more. We decided that it was time to leave. Yes, we have that dog that nobody wants to be around at the dog park.

Bella doesn't seem to mind all the big dogs at Auditorium Shores though. It's a magical place.

Dog watching is so much fun in Austin. You get to see so many unique and adorable dogs, even some with mohawks and shoes.

We hardly have to persuade Bella to put her paws in the lake as that's where all the cool pups are. She's never actually jumped into the water on her own, though. Bella seemed to be content watching the other dogs having fun.

But Bella became intrigued with this brave puppy and wanted to play with him. He wanted nothing to do with Bella and was only interested in fetching his tennis ball.

The dog made a sudden leap into the water after his owner threw his ball in the lake. Bella went after him and fell in the water. We thought she would climb out immediately, but she surprised us and turned around towards the ball.

My dog wants to fetch? What is this madness?

I was so proud of her when she actually got the ball.

But for some reason she changed her mind and left it behind and swam back to us.

She was one happy, stinky, wet dog.

P.S. This is my friend's dog, Lucky. She was rescued from the streets and always gets lots of compliments on her beautiful blue eyes.