Seven Things

1. Me while watching the Closing Ceremonies last night: "I'm only here for the Spice Girls." For five perfect minutes, Sporty, Ginger, Scary, Baby, Posh and Sporty Spice rocked it in unbelievably high heels. Hubby knew the words to their songs better than I did due to growing up with a younger sister. We also had a debate on which Spice Girl aged the best. Our conclusion is that they all look damn good.

Oh my, Scary Spice's nipples.

2. I've decided that I absolutely hate cuddling at night. I've written before about how Hubby's arm is so heavy that I feel like he's crushing me. The other night, Hubby tried to spoon me in the middle of the night and my groans of disapproval weren't getting to him so I literally started shoving him away. My body behaved with zero self control while my mind would have been a little more polite. 

3. Love this clever proposal to Julie, and especially love that the guy had the foresight to turn on the webcam to film the whole thing. This Disney proposal is still my all-time favorite.

4. I like testing new recipes every week. I tried this caramelized baked chicken recipe in a slow cooker and it came out like beef jerky, but with chicken. Hubby compared it to a MRE, which is probably the worst critique possible. Brian Williams take on MREs is hilarious. Caramel apple pork chops are always a hit though.

5. Jeremy Lin is one classy dude. He arranged a Skype chat with a 5-year old boy who was upset that Lin wasn't going to continue playing with the Knicks. Instead of bashing the Knicks or telling him to cheer for the Rockets, Lin encouraged the boy to root for the Knicks anyway. 

P.S. A fantastic article on how "it's OK to offend Asian Americans because they simply won't fight back." Someone on a bike in San Diego shouted, "Ni hao. Wo ai ni," causing my blood to boil. I really wanted to chase him down and punch him in the face, but instead I just shook my head in disbelief. In San Diego of all places!

6. Who was that loving woman hugging the Fab/Fierce Five after each gymnastic event? Jenny Zhang is someone I would love in my life.

7. Someone else I would love in my life? Michelle Obama. I don't remember the comment Hubby made about her, but I responded with: "How dare you? She's perfect? I love her!" I even had a dream last night that I was at Disneyland with her. And then I woke up in Texas. Sad day.


Patty said…
Hahah this seriously made me laugh. That proposal is so stinking awesome!!
Frances said…
oh my gosh, i hate cuddling at night too!
Frances said…
p.s. LOVE that article on asian american profiling. going to share on facebook if that's okay!
Min said…
Frances, of course!