The Time When We Were Almost Barfed On

In the ferris wheel some other, happier time.
I tell this story to anyone who will listen if the subject of ferris wheels or puking ever comes up in conversation. A few years ago, The Hubby and I were visiting Disney California Adventure Park, where we always save the giant ferris wheel for nighttime. Ferris wheels are most romantic at night, dontcha know?

If you go at a less crowded time, they'll give you your own gondola and won't force you to sit with strangers. Every party before us were allowed to have their own gondolas. When we stepped into our gondola, a pair of girls walked in and took their seats across from us.

I absolutely love the swinging gondolas on this ride. It's like a miniature pirate ship ride, but up in the air and without any handle bars to hold on to.

One of the girls trapped in the cage with us was obviously not comfortable. She had her head hidden in her friend's shoulder the entire time and was screaming the entire way around the wheel. We found it hilarious until she looked up at us and started mumbling about how she needed a bag.

Sick girl: Quick. I need a bag. I need a plastic bag.
Friend: Uh...I don't have a bag! Are you okay?
Sick girl, while looking straight at us: I'm sorry. I have to barf.
Me: Oh, yeah that's okay!

And then she threw up right in the middle of the floor.

Hubby laughs in uncomfortable situations. This was an uncomfortable situation. I was so embarrassed by his rude reaction, but couldn't really blame him. At least he didn't yell obscenities or throw up himself. It could very well have ended up like this:

I repeatedly asked her if she was alright as it was obvious that she was mortified by what had happened. I grabbed a couple of napkins from my giant purse and handed them to her. Instead of wiping her mouth, she started to clean the floor. I told her that it was okay and that they had people who could do that for her. 

After finally getting off the ride in what seemed like an hour later, I overheard a Disney cast member on the radio saying, "We have a code blue. I repeat. A code blue."

Before being trapped in a cage with vomit.


Patty said…
Hahahah that is hilarious, but poor girl! I wouldn't trust my hubby in one of those, he would be the one throwing up.