World's Best Secretary

A couple of weeks ago, The Hubby and I were asked to attend a short ceremony on post and we were the honored guests. Hubby was moved to his third job since we moved to Fort Hood, meaning some changes for the both of us. 

We were recognized for our hard work with the Company. Of course Hubby worked about 1,000X harder than I ever did as the Family Readiness Group Leader. Can you tell from my body language that I was terribly uncomfortable? Also, I have the worst posture ever!

Hubby gave a speech that was short and sweet while I rambled on about how great the FRG is and how the Soldiers should get their wives involved in volunteering. And I actually mean it!

Then we took a group picture and I was surrounded by smelly dudes who probably hated standing in the 100 degree weather hearing us talk about nonsense.

They were thoughtful enough to gift me a bouquet of roses. I laughed at the little plastic tag that said, "World's Best Secretary." I suppose all the "World's Best FRG Leader" bouquets were sold out.

I know I complained a lot about being the FRG Leader and how it was a thankful job, but it truly was rewarding. Now that I no longer hold the position, I can look back at it all and think of all the good I was able to do for our Soldiers and their families. I know that there were people who appreciated it all, even if they didn't think of thanking me personally.

Fourth of July banner sent to Iraq last year.
Root beer float fundraiser.
Recognition of the spouses on Military Spouse Appreciation Day.
Company party and Easter Egg hunt.
Over 1,050 colored Captain America pages for Soldiers returning home from deployment, a stack five inches thick.

I truly cared about everyone in our Company and it meant a great deal to me that they trusted their families to my care while they were deployed and while they were home. 


Shirley said…
Great job Min!