People Pleaser

Source: via Min on Pinterest

The fact that somebody hated me so much in high school still haunts me to this day. She drew a picture of me getting run over by her van in a mutual friend's yearbook. She told everyone that I was the rat who turned in all the cheaters in our tenth grade English class, when, really, I was a coward and didn't speak a word. Another regret.

She appears in my dreams every so often, even though it has been nearly a decade since the "incident". Sometimes we're in a fist fight and I can't seem to land a punch. Other times she's trying to hire a hit man to murder me. Once she beat me at a foot race even though I had the lead. She even stumbles into my good dreams and wants to ruin my fantasy of being an official Disney Princess.

I dreamt of her again yesterday. She was bullying another girl and I finally spoke up, something I was incapable of doing when I was the victim. Everyone saw her true colors and laughed at her.

"Well, you can't braid hair and you're a terrible runner," she screamed shrilly.

"Haha! Have I ever claimed otherwise? That's all you have on me?"

And then she touched my forehead with her bony little finger threateningly.

Others shouted furiously, "Get your hands off of her!" Finally, someone had come to defend me.

And that was enough to make me wake up and smile. I had finally defeated her, at least in my silly little dreams.

While she made my life miserable for much of high school, I have a lot to thank her for. I was able to weed out my true friends, which was quite important for a girl in her teens. I learned from her the power of taking the high road and how maturity is seen by others. Most importantly, I developed my integrity and morals.

Thanks for giving me the chance to hear from others, "I don't know why everyone hates you. You're actually a really nice person!" Who else gets the opportunity to turn hate into love?