A Brief Visit

Hubby and I were able to visit California for a few days after settling down in North Carolina. We were lucky enough to have a great dog-loving friend housesit for us and keep Bella company while we were away. Our days were reserved for visiting family members and it was too short of a trip. 

We didn't have enough time to go to Disneyland, but we did the next best thing and went to Downtown Disney. It was a huge tease. The two of us were especially impressed by the upgraded Lego store and their new displays.

I was especially excited to see my niece, Riley. We were so disappointed because she was absolutely terrified of us and refused to come anywhere near us, even with bacon treats in our hands. After a short walk and feeding her some dinner, she finally trusted us enough to come out from under the table.

Our Saturday afternoon was spent at the ballpark watching The Hubby's little brothers play little league baseball. Little league is no joke, people! We were both really impressed by both the dedication of the kids and their parents. What is it about watching baseball games that allows you to eat Cheetos and drink Slurpies without any guilt?

The Hubby's brother was the star of his team, striking players out and stealing bases. 

Bella's brother, Billy, puts Bella's manners to absolute shame. They never have to dog proof the house or chase him when he runs out the door. I actually had to turn the car around yesterday on the way to work because I realized that I forgot to close all the doors in the house before leaving. How ridiculous is that?

Of course I got to spend some time with my side of the family as well. My side of the family had a little photo shoot session on Sunday, which I will share soon. 

On our last day in California, we were able to spend more time with Hubby's mom's side of the family. She had some beautiful and delicious cakes made for the gathering and we had more food than we knew what to do with.

P.S. The Hubby went the entire time sporting a patchy beard. I was not a fan.