Photo Dump

A collection of pictures from my phone, both old and new.

1. Bella defending our home from Scar.
2. Such a lady.
3. Spoiled brat. The couch is hers.
4. Lazy weekend mornings.

1. How I plan on sleeping on our upgraded king mattress.
2. K.O.
3. Riley was terrified of us. Broke my dog loving heart.
4. Bribed her with a walk around the neighborhood.

1. Hubby surprised me with fresh flowers on my first day of work.
2. First mani/pedi since the wedding and second one ever. Treat yo' self!
3. Missing my coworkers in their ruby red slippers.
4. First homemade meal in our new house: mock Chipotle bowls.

1. C3PO Hubby at Downtown Disney
2. Last visit to Austin


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