Photo Dump

A collection of pictures from my phone, both old and new.

Bella is always near me when I'm eating in hopes that I'll share some food.

Free Julep box by using code FREEBOX. Really love the consistency of these polishes!
So happy to get my Love with Food freebie with code FBGIFT in the mail. 

Attempted to do some gardening. They're all dead now.
Some kids were playing in the dirty rain water behind our backyard.
Hubby is great at grilling. We had grilled food every day for two weeks.
Peony season was far too short this year.

We celebrated our 9-year anniversary in June. Hubby made a homemade card for the occasion.

We took a trip to Charleston for the Fourth of July. It was smoldering hot and humid.

It turns out that Bella is pretty terrified of the little toads we find in our backyard.

I broke out the stand mixer to make some delicious brownie cookies.

Having a gym in our garage has been really convenient.
Bella helps Hubby do some studying.
Bella has trouble deciding who to stay with when one person is upstairs and another is downstairs. She chooses to stay in between at the top of the stairs as a compromise.
She's a fan of accessorizing.

Our bed is basically her bed.

Friday night on the couch as a family.
This cookie cake was on clearance at the local grocery store.
Our new king bed has been so luxurious.
I love sending mail now that we have this adorable return address stamp.


So many comments and questions on your photos! WHAT is that dome shaped thing you're eating? Your new kitchen is absolutely gorgeous! I love your address stamp and your husband's hand-drawn card. Cabana would be scared of the frogs, too!!
Kate said…
Hi ! I found your blog via Pinterest ! My husband and I also have 2 labs - I love your return address stamp - could you share where you got it from ?
Min said…
Hi Mimi! Do you mean my pancakes? I ate about eight by myself. Is that a little sad or really sad? The kitchen is what made us fall in love with the place.

Kate, I actually used VistaPrint. I uploaded my own picture and found a lab silhouette online. The stamp itself is cheap, it's the shipping that is a killer. Overall, still really affordable at about $13 for the smallest size though!