Curious Crawler

This child is on the move! She started crawling a week and a half ago and just a few days later she started to pull herself up to a standing position. 

Little Miss spends every minute she's awake finding new ways to endanger herself. Seriously, kid. Do you know how much effort it took to keep you alive these past nine months? And now you're actively trying to hurt yourself!

Okay, I know she's just a curious child, but how is it that EVERYTHING is now dangerous? And how does she consistently find the most deathly object in the room and sprint for it?

We removed our towering bookcases from our living room as well as the coffee table with its ridiculously sharp corners. Hubby even removed the drawer handles from our TV stand because Little Miss still isn't steady when she's standing and nearly hit her face against the metal handles when she fell down from playing with the Xbox power button. (P.S. Unplug the Xbox to deter babies from wanting to press the bright green light a bajillion times.)

As I was looking at different baby proofing products, I saw a lot of moms on message boards say that you should just keep things like tupperware and pots and pans in baby accessible cabinets so they can just play with them. Hubby and I are not "Let Baby Bang on Pots and Pans" type parents. You should have seen Hubby's face when I gave him this option. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being those parents. In fact, I envy them because they're most likely less high strung than we are. We like a neat house and my nesting instincts from pregnancy never went away.

The kitchen cabinets in our first house in Texas were baby proofed with latches and we hated them with a passion. I wanted to find another option that was also non-permanent as we're most likely going to move. I saw this option on Amazon, but wasn't super happy with the price so I made my own using dog collars from The Dollar Tree in less than ten minutes. 

1. Purchase collars and cut nylon webbing to remove buckles.
2.  Rethread nylon webbing through the buckles. Trim proper length of nylon webbing needed to loop around cabinet handles. Hot glue in place to secure. You can also sew in place, but you can only do so much during nap time.
3. Test strength of your new cabinet lock and admire your cleverness. 

And BOOM. Cabinets secured for $1 each.