Married Minzilla

Now that I have a second ring on my finger, I have retired my wedding blog. Although we have been married since December 27th of last year, it feels like our marriage really began in April.

(Photo by Linda Ko)
Our first few months of marriage were quite untraditional. The Hubby left for Ranger School in Georgia on January 1st, just four days after our wedding, and then we went straight to phone calls once every three weeks and snail mail for the next three months.

I wrote him letters about my boring life back in California almost daily and sent him pictures of Bella. I had told him to spend any free time he had sleeping so I did not get that much mail, but that didn't stop me from checking the mailbox religiously.

He graduated from Ranger School on April 1st. It was quite the accomplishment for the both of us.
I am an incredibly proud Ranger Wife

After almost five years of long distance, we have finally put an end to flying from one coast to another and have made a makeshift temporary home for ourselves in Columbus, Georgia.

This spankin' new blog will be a compilation of numerous things, such as my cooking adventures, learning how to be someone's wife, lots of doggie goodness, Army life and random ramblings.

It is also a way for family members and friends to keep up with our lives, especially since we plan on travelling all over the country.

Follow along, and enjoy the ride.