Our Very Merry Christmas

We were especially excited to celebrate Christmas this year because it was our first one with just the three of us. Although we missed our friends and family dearly, we were happy to actually put up all our new decorations in a home of our own. The two of us had never bothered with decorating before because we were never home to enjoy it all. The Hubby and I went a little overboard in purchasing holiday trimmings as we had to start from scratch. The trick is to buy everything on clearance the year before. 

Our Christmas gifts were only put out under the tree on December 23rd. We made the mistake of setting them out in November and this happened:

Yes. This really happened. Amazingly, most of the gifts went unscathed, although I was really peeved that I wasted three hours of my time wrapping everything. I think this was Bella's way of telling us that we shouldn't decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving is over. 

Our favorite Christmas decoration was this amazing train set that The Hubby's grandparents gifted us. I had called his grandmother inquiring about a train set The Hubby had as a child. They no longer had it so they bought us a new one! We are so excited to share this gift with our kids in the future.

Bella, of course, hates the thing and barks at it aggressively whenever we have it running. She even jumps on the couch, that little punk!

Our train is appropriately in Army camouflage and even emits steam when running at full speed!
 Since The Hubby had to work on Christmas, we opened up all of our gifts the morning of Christmas Eve. We really went all out for each other this year with gifts thanks to me actually bringing in a paycheck every month. The Hubby was definitely the more generous gift giver and I was given so many things that I had been wanting for years. 

The funniest gift was this magnet with an image of a yellow labrador retriever and the words, "I ate it." Bella was given a nice bone and a new stuffed toy in her stocking. What a treat! 
We invited a couple of friends over for dinner that evening. I have to give my husband all the credit for cooking that night. His prosciutto wrapped red potatoes were delicious and perfectly paired with our honey smoked ham and green bean casserole. 
Of course, we had plenty of cookies for dessert.

And we took it easy in front of a crackling fire the rest of the night.
The next morning, The Hubby went to work his 24-hour shift. I was able to see him for a bit when the two of us went to hand out homemade cookies to the other Soldiers unfortunate enough to work on Christmas Day. The day was a little sad, but I'm still so thankful that my husband is not deployed and in the States this year because we may not always be this fortunate. 
A huge thanks to all our family members w ho sent the most amazing and thoughtful gifts. We miss you all so much and hope to see you soon!