A Trip to Aloha Zoo

Just thirty minutes from our home is a small zoo that features rescued animals and is reminiscent of the Matt Damon movie "We Bought a Zoo". We loved the experience at this family run zoo and the dedication of all the employees and volunteers we encountered. 

Aloha Safari Zoo and Rescue was such a treat. Immediately we encountered an enormous python. All I could think about was how at any moment that little boy was going to be swallowed whole. Hubby was fearless and went up to it right away while I gave it a quick poke.

We were really impressed by the variety of animals they had at this small zoo. I was even able to pet a skunk, which just felt like a cat with very coarse fur. All the animals were very active, unlike at a larger zoo where you would have to work hard to find each animal.

Our favorite part of our day was the safari ride. We were given multiple loaves of bread to toss to the animals along our route and they came right to the fence. We were warned that the llamas liked to spit so I tried my best to give them all the bread I could.

My favorite part of the zoo was of course the gorgeous giraffe that you could pet and take pictures with without having to pay extra money. The giraffe hated me, however, and refused to let me pet it. We could have been great friends, Stretch!