Conversations with You: Your Black Eye

About a month ago, Bella accidentally pushed you down the stairs. Dad was on watch. I came home right after it happened and I found Dad on the floor with you in his arms screaming bloody murder. Dad felt so terrible. You ended up with a huge black eye. 

This is the conversation you had with everyone who would listen for the next few weeks...even far after your eye had healed.

You: I have boo-boo! (Points to right eye)
Me: Oh no! What happened!
You: Bella pushed me. Up stairs. Hit wall there.
Me: I'm so sorry that happened. Are you okay?
You: Yeah
Me: Did it hurt?
You: OUCH!

At a certain point you would say, "Mommy pushed me." Thankfully, at school you made it very clear to the teachers that Bella was the culprit. I was worried that they were going to call CPS on me. The entire school knew about that darn Bella and your black eye.